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Hangars Numeriques

Laboratory of interdisciplinary creations


“Mondo” means world.
But it also means 'hopscotch' - the game - and it is the opposite of immodo, 'impure'.
This research starts from the observation of what I would define as the supremacy of the result.
Our images, our CVs, our social profiles: moments, images, endpoints that we claim to be a definitive definition or version of ourselves.
Our mania for an accomplishment.
Our desire to be something forever.
Or just be something.
Then there is the breath.

* The resistance of a child playing hopscotch in the yard.
* The never definitive purity that arises from the continuous act of sculpting.
* The “totality of facts, not things”.



Choreography & Direction:Gennaro Lauro

Production:Associazione Sosta palmizi

Created June 15, 2020




Gennaro Andrea LAURO, born in England and raised in Italy, after his studies in Philosophy and Oriental Languages, approached dance and theater, working as a performer since 2013 with the Italian companies Sosta Palmizi (Sulla felicità) and Atacama (A toddler).

During the same years he was among the founders of the theatrical research group Caravan. Alongside, he worked in a reception center for refugees and asylum seekers in Rome and as a translator for the Italian publishing houses Adelphi, Fazi and Passigli.

Since 2015, he has performed in the creations of Romeo Castellucci for the staging of Moses und Aron for the Opéra National de Paris and the Teatro Real in Madrid, and of Tannhäuser for the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich and the Tokyo NHK.

He also danced for the Swiss company Greffe by Cindy Van Acker (Zaoum) and participated in the films of Arnold Pasquier and Jérôme Walter Gueguen.

He regularly collaborates as an assistant with the Berlin company Cuenca/Lauro and the Swiss company Divisar. In 2019 he joined Flora Gaudin's Meta company.

In 2020-2021 he works as a performer in Flora Gaudin's new creation, Screwdriver Electric, and that of Fabiana Ruiz Diaz from Curco El Grito, Liminal.

Since 2018 he has been creating his own pieces.

Sarajevo – la strage dell'uomo tranquillo, his first solo, was a finalist of the Premio Equilibrio 2018 and selected for the Anticorps XL 2018 platform as well as among the “40 Winks” of Aerowaves 2019.

His new piece, Mondo, a Franco-Italian co-production, was selected for the Anticorps XL 2020 platform and was a resident project with FabbricAltra (Schio-Italy) and KommTanz-Abbondanza/Bertoni (Rovereto-Italy). It was hosted by Ménagerie de Verre (Paris), CND (Paris), L'Echangeur CDCN (Château-Thierry) and the Raum33 of Cie Gervasi (Vienna, Austria).

He also continues to work as a translator for Italian publishing houses as well as for academic journals. His deep desire is that his path flow from his steps and not the other way around.

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