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Winning works


Image : Catalogue Augmenté - ISEA 2023 / Le Cube Garges


A partner event of ISEA2023, 28th International Symposium of Digital Creation.


Immersive and artistic platform

The expanded catalogue is an immersive exhibition of the projects of 86 French and international artists winning the ISEA2023 call for projects. This space is designed with a central space:   “the agora” a multiplicity of “white boxes” in which visitors are invited to stroll to discover the different artistic proposals. An immersive exhibition to discover in partnership with Le Cube Garges, co-organizer and executive producer of ISEA2023.



ISEA 2023 - Southern Winter exhibitions


FROM 16.05 TO 15.06.2023


Hangars Numériques - Digital arts overseas

L'Academie - 66, bvd Lancastel

97400 Saint-Denis de La Réunion

+ d'infos / réservation



Le Cube Garges is an interdisciplinary and digital cultural innovation hub with six 8,000 m² facilities. Focused on creative renewal, it combines discovery of new artistic forms, inclusive practices, digital training and interdisciplinary reflection on societal issues.

Le Cube Garges is a Public Institution for Cultural Cooperation (EPCC), born from the cooperation of several actors: Le Cube, creative center and training in digital, the city of Garges-lès-Gonesse and the agglomeration community Roissy Pays de France. The Cube Garges is supported by the Ministry of Culture – DRAC Île-de-France – the Île-de-France Region and the Val-d'Oise Departmental Council.

"In the logic of hybridization, of bridges built between the physical and virtual worlds, one of the major strategic axes of ISEA2023, we wanted to conduct a thorough review of the notion of catalogue, and try to give it life.

Thanks to the financial support of MAIF, and accompanied by the Bright agency, we have created this virtual and social space, which should not be considered as an online exhibition or metavers, but rather as an “expanded catalogue”. We distributed, around a central agora, doors leading to nearly 80 white cubes. We gathered the media (texts, visuals, videos, links, etc.) to document the works of each artist selected for ISEA 2023. Of course, the choice was left to the artists to participate or not in this catalogue, like that of the selected media.

This broadcasting space is designed to be an event and social event. Avatars can exchange, and events (conferences, debates, guided tours, etc.) are organized throughout the symposium, and afterwards, making it possible to establish new types of relations around artists' projects, phygital and transcending geographies and time zones.

This easier distribution is an asset to promote the work of artists selected for ISEA2023. Indeed, not all artists could be physically exposed at our partners, and this option was a way to ensure the dissemination and promotion that ISEA 2023 artists deserve. We have taken special care to ensure that this catalogue is accessible and widely distributed, catalyzed by its online existence. The growing catalogue of ISEA 2023 is available via smartphone, desktop or VR headset, and we have formed various partnerships to ensure a thorough and long-term dissemination. Notably with the Micro-Funds, a network led by the French Ministry of Culture, open to local authorities and networks of the French Institute and the Alliance Française all over the world, which offers access to a digital museum. The distribution of the increased catalogue in this network, developed in a logic of decentralization and cultural democratization, will offer a sustainability and a strong audience to the catalogue; it will also be permanently accessible to the Cube Garges, and sometimes more punctually, like at the Grand Palais Éphémère 2023 and with many partners in France."



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