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"Listen To Nature," a project to reconnect people with nature at a time when our planet's biodiversity is facing enormous threats.

The artist, with this work, wants to inspire people to a deeper appreciation of nature, both for the good of the planet and for individual well-being. And to do this, Francesco, wanted to enhance this message by using new emerging digital techniques such as generative art and creative coding. 


Direction, writing & production: Francesco Miesco

Dancers & choreographer: Francesco Miesco

Creation August, 2022






FRANCESCO MISCEO is an experimental contemporary dancer and new media artist born in Modena, Italy, in 1997. He works in the field of digital and performing arts, creating many forms of art, from stage shows to exhibitions combining real and virtual worlds.

Francesco places the human body at the heart of artistic and technological challenges and adapts current technological tools to create a timeless poetry through a visual language, based on play and pleasure, which feeds the imagination. His work is recognized for its great holistic methodology fueled by a strong digital background. He considers not only physical elements such as dance, but also optics, sound and sensory and, above all, the spacio-temporal component as an integral part of his choreographic writing.



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