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- Artistic direction -

Marianne Louise Lebon

Independent dance researcher, Marianne Louise Lebon is invited to construct our gaze around lively dance throughout the festival.


Associated with our laboratory since its creation in 2014, the researcher is trained in Jazz Dance, holds a degree in Art History, a research and professional master's degree in Arts and Digital Technologies and a master's degree in Art Education at La Sorbonne. Since 2008, she has been pursuing pioneering and in-depth research on the passage "From the dancing body to its image". The questions of hybridization, metamorphosis and mutation in the computer age are central to his plastic, theoretical and poetic research. Artistic director of the International Festival of Animated Dance, she directs and coordinates, within our Interdisciplinary Creation Laboratory, the Center for Research in Animated Dance and a participative platform dedicated to animation in dance.


* Manifesto & Press Conference

* VJ Videodanceat the closing of the festival

* Commented presentation of the official selection / special mentions

* Facilitation of discovery workshops for young audiences

* General coordination

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