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Hangars Numeriques

Laboratory of interdisciplinary creations


Yoda wakes up in the middle of a factory, at the foot of a monolith that reflects his silhouette to infinity.
Gradually, he monopolizes this reflection of himself, in which he will revolve around him, where he will end up diving.
It will come out doubled, it exults, spins, quadruples, a hundredfold, in all possible directions, to end up doing a big turn on itself and regaining its original state.
After this introspection, he leaves serene.

Danced performance in front of a led screen, a 6m by 3m monolith which broadcasts what the camera is filming, to create feedback.
The performance is filmed in a single sequence shot, without special effects.
Everything is created live, including the "mirror" mode at the end, like the old Hi8 cameras.
The director composed the music beforehand, to inspire the dancer and orient him to his dance style.
The narration, the axes of the choreography and the different positions of the dancers were thought out by the director, anxious to control the shots and the resulting feedback.

The dancer composed a choreography in detail, with his approach and style, inspired by conversations with the director about the intentions of the different stages of the film's narration.



Creation September, 2021


Director, producer, composer: Anthony VALON aka Bazabuque

Dance & choreography:Lorenzo DS Dasse aka Yoda

Production :Kid A

Associate producer:Kenji MEUNIER

Director of Photography :Aurélien LE CALVEZ

Light Designer:Tristan MOUGET

Steadycamer:Sacha NACERI

Focus Puller:Felix SULEJMANOSKI

Camera wizard:Jean-Charles BARAVIAN

Video control:Clement Valon

Calibrator:Caique (Shade)

Typographer:Esther Szac

Battery :Laurent Pena Vieira

Registration :Marc UPSON & Peter COMBARD (Studio Mu̧)

Mix & sound design:Maxence DUSSERE (Shadow Zone Studio)

Still photographer:David ZAGDOUN

Making-of:Alban DUCHATEAU

Makeup artist:Caroline LACOSTE

Light wizard:Lucas BOUCHET

Boilerworks:Richard CHOUKROUN

Led wall:Red Dot by Leni: Philippe DE CARVALHO - Nicolas ROQUES - Hervé POIREAU

Visual Impact:Patrick BOURDAREAU - Olivier CARTIER - Linda RÖNNERTZ BRET

Including Give Up: Tristan MOUGET / GL Events: Clément GOUBERT / Nocturnal: Franck DEMEOCK
Post production:At The Beach Studio: Christophe LE MER
Special Thanks:Olivier SIMOLA / Fabrice LEFEBVRE / Stella ROSSINI / Elie TISNÉ

Didier & Isabelle VALON / Félix PIRRITANO / Anne LE MOTTAIS / Marina OBOLENSKY


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Born in Sèvres in 1986, Anthony is a multidisciplinary artist, playing the piano since the age of 6, and silver photography since he was 15.
After two years in sociology, Anthony studied music in the 3rd Cycle at the Clamart Conservatory.
Director since 2017, he founded Kid A in 2019, a creation and production studio.
His second short film "In Media Res" was completed at the end of 2020, for which he combines the roles of producer, director and music composer.


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