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An animated dance in 2 dimensions

In Reunion, the ocean that surrounds it seems infinite. The Indian Ocean, formerly known as the Eastern Ocean or the Indian Sea, covers an area of 75,000,000 km2, or nearly 21% of the globe. Located 9,200 km from mainland France, 800 km from Madagascar and nearly 3,000 km from South Africa, the closest islands are Mauritius, 231 km away, and Rodrigue, 837 km away.

The dancers who deploy there, the musicians who create there are "ultra-marine".

The animated dance Flyin' over ocean deploys an ultramarine sensibility at work in a visual poetry that transcends the laws of the physical reality of a moving body.

In close connection with the eponymous title of the solo piano album Flyin Over Ocean by Patt Burter, taken up here as a trio, the dancer  choreographer Nikita Goile is invited to build and deepen a contemporary movement through the living music that is jazz.


MARIANNE LOUISE LEBON, artistic director & researcher in animated dance: The questions of hybridization, metamorphosis and mutation in dance in the computer age are central to her research.
Nourished by her training in Art History, she questions the transition from the dancing body to the image, in a pioneering research approach, both theoretical and plastic, at the crossroads of the disciplines of dance and visual arts. Since 2017, Marianne ML lives and works in Reunion, country of her origins. Guest artist of the first edition of the International Festival of Animated Dance, FIDA#1, then programmer of FIDA#2, Marianne Louise Lebon is currently artistic director of production at Hangars Numériques. She directs the Animated Dance research center: the FIDA# programming, the study and research platform, the "MissiveArts" productions & the co-productions of the structure laboratory.


NIKITA GOILE, choreographer & dancer: originally from Reunion Island, Nikita studied at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris.
Once graduated, she spent several months in Israel before returning to France to take her state diploma as a contemporary dance teacher. She joined ZfinMalta, the National Company of Malta under the direction of Mavin Khoo. The following year, it was choreography and video work that particularly attracted him, while continuing to dance freelance with companies such as Ballet Preljocaj and Ikari.
In December 2017, she joined National Dance Company Wales, where she was given the opportunity to choreograph a duet. Writing that has just been added to the company's repertoire. After two years with NDC Wales, she participated in various projects  with artists such as Joy Alpuerto Ritter and Jose Agudo.


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PATT BURTER, composer & pianist: Identified as a musical nugget from La Réunion, a virtuoso, expressive and sensitive improviser, Patt Burter was a student at the CIM in Paris. He collaborated with the dancer and choreographer Nadjani Bulin around the performance "Eagle Flight" in experimental dance, which already questions the different levels of perception and the creation of the image. He participates in many jazz festivals in Madagascar, Mayotte, Reunion, in France... In his new album, winner of the grant for the creation of the Sacem  in 2019, il_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ pays tribute to segatarians for a long time and addresses, with Flyin Over Ocean, the hearts of Reunionese.

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JULIEN DECAUX, arranger & bassist: Eclectic and multi-instrumentalist, two words that sum up Julien Decaux's profile well. From experimentation to creation, he is particularly fond of jazz and its various currents. A specialist in dancing jazz from the 1930s, he is regularly invited to lead jam sessions. It is found in film music in the service of images with finesse. Holder of a master's degree in Philosophy, Art and Aesthetics in musicology from the University of Paris 8, Julien is an excellent teacher, and today transmits his passion for the musical phenomenon. His collaboration with keyboardist Pat Burter is the result of an encounter around the rhythms and colors of the island. Digital audio is also one of its multiform instruments.

PASCAL EUGENIE, arranger & drummer: Pascal Eugenie's passion for teaching and pedagogy led him to pass and obtain his State Diploma in Current Music and Drums at the Pont Supérieur de Rennes in 2015. For nearly 7 years, he has led his drum class at the "Musique à Mayotte" school with enthusiasm and dynamism. At the same time, he participates in many local musical projects. Nourished by his African and Anglo-Saxon influences, he integrates, in a round and nuanced game,  the rhythms specific to the Indian Ocean.

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