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A showcase of a genre for professionals and the public

The International Festival of Animated Dance is an event entirely dedicated to the promotion of a genre, which takes shape at the crossroads of dance with the animated image resulting from the digital arts, animation cinema or even the visual arts.

This is a moment of international influence for dance animations in all their forms: 2D animations, 3D animations, mixed and experimental animations, live and stage animations.

The ambition of the festival is to invite the public to discover animated dance through screenings, retrospectives, meetings and exchanges with the actors of a transdisciplinary and emerging genre. With its specific international programming, it also aims to attract professionals from all over the world around the creation of an International Market for Animated Dance (MIDA).

For its launch, Hangars Numérique has chosen to register its culture festival in Reunion. The Reunionese public is looking for magic, novelty and openness to emerging digital contemporary creation, internationally. The course of the festivities is also available online.



* Discovery, study and education in digital choreographic culture

* Opening of a unique performance space for animated dance, online and offline

* Dissemination, support and cultural development to amateur and professional audiences

* Exchange, interaction and co-construction of the gaze between artists, professionals and audiences

* Promotion, federation & representation of authors

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