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"Dance of spirits" is a videodance creation, animated live from dancing bodies of the Indian ocean.

By involving a dual digital video device, in real-time shooting, in the creative process, this production questions the place of the «Spirit» of the dancer placed in a polysemic plastic environment. The exploration of the director’s own internal sensations (kinesthesia) is the starting point of an animated art, constantly in balance between the memory and the imagination of the dance movement.

The use of digital technology, blurring the boundaries between dance performance and animated image, has led us to witness a new expression of dance.


The Sacred, the Spirit is a central theme in the contemporary choreographic heritage creation, which it refers to a traditional or contemporary writing, on the scale of the professional dancer as well as that of the amateur dancer. For this project, Marianne ML led a remote workshop with Sr Dance in Mauritius to capture the figure of young dancers.

To grasp, in other words, their “dancing body”, the moment when the dancer’s imagination in action exceeds his own body in dance/trance. A stealthy moment that can only be achieved by a device that allows us to close a kinesthetic meeting point between our imaginations. The title of this project is of course subject to challenge: reminder/wink to the dances of religious spirits, it is in fact a question of presenting a contemporary state of mind where the individual is affirme beyond the disappearance of his own body to the digital image.


Artistic direction et réalisation : Marianne Louise Lebon
Sound creation : Julien Decaux aka Inkal Inkal

Coordination : Stephen Bongarçon

Video technician : Raoul Rampare

Dancers : Nikita Goile, Miguël Lisette, Manuella Victor, Julien Gaspard, Ginaud Clarice, Emmanuel Chellen aka Numanity.

Production : Hangars Numériques - Laboratoire de créations interdisciplinaires

Supports : Région Réunion, Lalanbik - centre de développement chorégraphique océan Indien, Institut Français de Maurice et le studio SR Dance à Maurice.




2020 / 2025

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