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Laboratoire de créations interdisciplinaires


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Still Life est une célébration de la beauté du mouvement et de la proximité humaine, réalisé en 2020 pendant la crise et la pandémie covid-19. La vidéodanse est un duo en animation danse 2D composé de pluisieurs centaines de dessins de l'auteur, un moment où le monde s'arretait et les hommes obligés de rester séparés. L'animatrice a décidé de créer une animation au sujet de ce qui nous a manqué le plus pendant le confinement : la liberté de mouvement et celle d'être proche des personnes que l'on aime.


"The last few months have been tough. Like so many of my friends and colleagues I was put on the government's furlough scheme which meant that I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands and not a lot to do with it. So I decided to create an animation which focused on what I missed the most - the freedom to move, and be close to the people I love. Still Life is a celebration of the beauty of movement and human closeness at a time when the world stood still and we were forced to stay apart."



Choréographie & Direction & Production : Serafima Serafinova

Musique : Mythologica by Ofrin

Création June 26, 2020




Serafima Serafimova began her career with a degree in Fine Art from the University of The Arts London in 2010. Since then she has been working as a video editor and sound designer at London-based ethical creative agency Nice and Serious, where she discovered and developed her skills within moving image. She also works for online film and animation festivals Short of the Week and Directors Notes as a staff writer and curator. This exposed her to an amazing and inspiring array of experimental short films
and animations, leading her to develop some of her own in her personal projects.


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