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META | morph

META | morph is an interactive online experience fusing dance, music, projection art & animation, to ideate digital disruption of the human experience. At the intersection between art and technology, this production speaks to digital disruption and its effects on our human experience, today and in the near future. Digital and virtual connections weave us together, creating new modes for connection, while simultaneously causing isolation. The work immerses the viewer in a dreamscape where the dialogue between real and virtual, human and digital, collides indefinitely.  


META | morph is an interactive film, inviting you, the viewer,

into a “choose your own adventure” style experience.

At the start of the journey, you are presented with four representations:


By selecting one option, you enter a room where you meet the main character for that channel. After each chapter, you will be given the choice between two options to continue watching the character's journey. Each choice results in a unique interaction between the main character and their virtual self, human self, invisible self, or fictional self, while also determining which conclusion of that character's story you experience. Once you reach an ending, the interactive film gives you the option to go back to the start of the same story and make different choices, to experience another outcome. Or, you could select a new word, to start a second journey with a different character. After that play through, choose your next story or restart the same story with new choices, and so on.

The average viewing of one story ends after 7 minutes. There is 46 minutes of unique footage divided between 28 segments. Trying out all possible options across all four stories, results in 52 minutes of unique play. 



Concept & Management:Inka Kendzia & Louise Coetzer
Music:Brydon Bolton, Mr Sakitumi, Shane Cooper, Matthijs van Dijk Choreography: Louise Coetzer
Projection Art, Visual Effects & Compositing:Inka Kendzia  
Performed by:Darkroom Contemporary   
Dancers:Christopher Sherwood – Adcock, Farnel Smart, Mukovhe Monyai, Carla Scholtz, Gabriel Mehlomakhulu
Lidar Scan & 3D:Jason Stapleton
Videography:Oscar O'Ryan & Inka Kendzia
Edit:Oscar O'Ryan
Coding:Lasse Manson  

Presented as part of Creative Digital Arts Festival. META | morph is made possible through support from the National Lotteries Commission and the National Arts Festival.















INKA KENDZIA's creatively crafted visuals present a powerful presence. Inka mixes visuals live (vj) and creates immersive projection art for musicians and artists. She has worked with bands and DJs since the electronic music scene boom in Cape Town, starting with African Dope Records In 2000. 

OSCAR O'RYAN is a photographer and videographer specializing in capturing movement and dance as well as reportage style visual stories. Oscar's dance film works produced by Darkroom Contemporary have screened at the Burgundy International Festival of Video Dance (France), Agite Y Sirva (Mexico), British Film Institute (UK), Foreign Exchange (Paris, France) and the GLAMY Awards (Finland) . O'Ryan is co-founder of Darkroom Contemporary, a Cape Town based experimental dance theater company, where he implements photo and video projects geared towards raising the profile of dance as art form.

JASON STAPLETON works with Lidar as an art form. He seeks to re-contextualize the world as it exists by presenting impossible perspectives in a mutable representation of the real. Via VR he attempts to challenge the viewer's sense of embodiment, in this he wishes to allow the viewer a loosened sense of self.




Farnel Smart

Christopher Sherwood-Adcock 

Gabriel Mehlomakhulu

Carla Scholtz

& Mukovhe Monyai.

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Louise coetzer

LOUISE COETZER ( b 1 9 8 0 , S out h  A frica ) is a choreographer working within the genres of site-specific performance creation, choreography for the stage, and dance film. Her works are experiential, experimental and innovative, and often have interdisciplinary collaboration at their core. She obtained a Bachelors Degree in Dance with Movement Composition as major from the Pretoria Technikon and is currently living and working in Cape Town. She is founder and artistic director of Darkroom Contemporary, a project-based dance theater company formed as a vehicle to reimagine dance through its innovative approach to staging and presenting performance works.

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