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-  Fida Festival  -

The association is currently working on its wishes for partnerships, making it possible to jointly support the creation and distribution of Danse Animée.


They will soon all be presented.


The festival remains open to various proposals for partnerships: cultural, technical or institutional.

Please send your requesthere.

Hangars Numeriques

The Reunion Region

The Réunion Region accompanies and supports our festival. Thanks !

A school of music and dance focused on the performing arts, the Académie Musicale is our leading cultural partner on Reunion Island. As part of the festival, Hangars Numériques will experiment animated videodance workshops with teachers, from all styles, and young student dancers, beginners to confirmed.

The Association of Dance Researchers

Hangars Numériques will soon be a member of L'aCD, an association created by and for dance researchers. It makes visible a wide range of specialties and approaches, in a dynamic exchange of ideas, methods and practices in dance.

Lalanbik - Resource Center for Choreographic Development Indian Ocean


For its second edition in Reunion, the festival is hosted by the CDCN in prefiguration: Lalanbik, located in the city of Le Port.

Lalanbik contributes to the influence of dance authors across the Indian Ocean.


Alain Peters Media Library

Media library located in Saint-Denis.

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Registered in the digital solidarity program dedicated to associations, endowment funds, foundations recognized as being of public utility, and public libraries, Hangars Numériques benefits from solutions in terms of training, software and information, particularly concerning digital ecology.

Vladimir Canter Theater

FIDA2018 # 1st edition

The theater welcomed us to the city of Saint-Denis to present our festival to a novice audience. Thanks!


1st international broadcast partner, Filmfreeway is a Canadian online participation platform. It allows you to  view proposals in HD, unlimited video storage, distribute digital press kits and more.

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