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First dance festival completely dedicated to the animation, the event aims at stimulating and at encouraging the creation where get involved dance and moving picture.


The festival is carried by the association Hangars Numériques, it contributes to the implementation of a unique platform of exchange and meeting, a bridge between the dancers, the choreographers and the animators of the images in movement.


- Community -

Plateform / Catalog

The project aims at federating the creators of this hybrid discipline, constantly renewed by technological breakthroughs, to be better able to represent them, in a collection here carefully collected(taken in) thanks to this call to participation annual.

Hangars Numériques establish a catalog of the selections of the festival, which is of use to the platform of research and study on the passage of the body dancing in the image. This collection constitutes archives in animation dance.

Any broadcasting except this internet platform and places of representation of this festival with aim cultural is not envisaged.


-  Animated Dancing -

The unique festival wishes to emphasize and to promote the creations where dominate imagination and world embellished with images on the real shots. This way, are requested the creations presenting a work of choreographic animation (cartoons, animations of synthesis, stop motions, real-time animations, etc.). The scenic forms or the concerned installations are invited to transmit a video recording. The festival favors the animation dance, and goes from the most traditional in the most experimental genres.

Hangars Numeriques

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Hangars Numeriques