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Hangars Numeriques

Laboratory of interdisciplinary creations

Protozoa - Ricardo x Brun and ABÀC

Protozoa is a collective choreography between humans, bodies, ideas and machines. Fourteen dancers and musicians produced a duo of material modeled, constructed and deconstructed, played for the camera. The recordings of the internal sounds of the dancing bodies (vibrations, creaks and heartbeats) punctuate the musical and visual composition. The dancers' clothes are a digital canvas in which the animation is inserted. The choreographer dances with a version of her body imagined by the machine, deformed and unique, which moves on her clothes. Artificial intelligence is no longer alongside but with the bodies. From this experimentation, in which the mechanical object produces the dance as the dance produces the machine, the six Protozoa films were born.

For each film, the intervention of the digital was worked in symbiosis with the corporeal and sound matter which faced it. To discover the six Protozoa films is to experience the possible variations of digital technology on fabrics and on film. It means making room for an allied, poetic and organic artificial intelligence: an opening onto the computational world in relation to movements.

Film Protozoa - GAN and dancer Ricardo S. Mendes on the music of Brun and ABÀC. Landy Sauvage, 2021.



Original creation, co-production and direction: Sonal Sinor and u2p050
Dance :Sara Angelucci, Marina de Remedios, Elise Roy, Ricardo S. Mendes, Mulunesh, Caroline Lou Pineau, Thomas Gréaux
Music: Simplon98, Überkeine, Brun, ABAC., Caltha, 555-5555, Alwis
Suits: Charles Capron
Makeup: Beryl Caillault
Storyboard: Quentin Duroux
Graphics: Lucas Mateluna
Supporters: La Machine du Moulin Rouge, The Experimental Station, Le Landy Sauvage, Chapiteau Raj'ganawak, Beaux Arts de Paris, 6b, The Nuit Blanche Committee of the Paris City Hall, the City of Saint-Denis.


Total duration :33mn43



Soñal Sinor is a research and creation company between living arts and visual arts directed by two women: Clémence Plenet and Zoé Lou Lellouch. His shows question the living from movement in the form of sound, visual and haptic installations. Thus, the company brings out an aesthetic universe in which the forms of the living are multiple. Those who live are our films, our walls, our machines. They act on our bodies, create cracks in what we usually call limits. These are the flaws that Soñal Sinor digs to create new stories and looks: a displacement of the spectator but also of the creative body. She therefore amplifies her projects thanks to the creation of paths that give birth to a multiplicity of materials imagined, unveiled and the arrival of new stories, new maps. A vast labyrinth where artists and spectators can get lost and meet. An underground adventure that two women take to heart and body. A polymorphic journey to the heart of the living.

U2P050 is a machine. A creative machine where conceptual thought and art meet and experiment together. His projects seek to replace philosophy within the material networks on which it depends (and on which it has always depended): images, signs, techniques. Even more, it removes from the media-book the monopoly it exercises over philosophical practice. Note that U2P050 is a company machine. This machine produces. Production has a value. Thus, U2P050 is an experiment aimed at bringing together the company, the design studio and the philosophy laboratory. A set of questions practiced together: human and non-human.

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