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Hangars Numériques supports animated dance creation.Our team accompanies the production of writings in dance animation, videographic or stage, on an international scale.
These projects can be carried by: authors, companies, associations, labels or any other structure.

Within the animated dance research center, we work to define and pool the artistic contribution and the production budget in order to allow the complete finalization of a new or ongoing work.

Call for animated dance co-production project 2022 coming soon


Noetic Distance, production No3sis, 2021 - coproduction Syrinx Music and Hangars Numériques@


Hangars Numériques produces writings in animated dance. Dance animations can be video (2D, experimental, 3D, mixed) or live/stage.  As part of a creation and production residency, artists, choreographers, dancers and musicians , are invited to create together.


The missives produced are carried internally by directors or authors specialized in animated dance.

In this context, Hangars Numériques pays particular attention to the support and associated co-productions in order to allow the full finalization of the achievements.

pose 01 (gris).jpg

         Flyin' Over Ocean- Missivearts production @Digital Hangars, 2021

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