Closing November 24, 2022

The call for participation is open for the fourth edition of the International Festival of Animated Dance, which takes place in December online and in Reunion Island.

The festival encourages animations turned towards the practices of the imagination proposing a language resulting from contemporary research in dance.

Open to the following forms : 

* 2D dance animations

* 3D dance animations

* mixed and/or experimental animations

* stage and/or live dance entertainment

* virtual or augmented animated dances

* 360° dance animations

                           Danses Animées

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Platform / Catalog

-  Collective -

The project aims to unite the creators of this hybrid discipline, constantly renewed by technological advances, in order to better represent them, in a collection here carefully with annual participation. 


Hangars Numériques  constitutes a catalog of the selections of the festival, which serves as a research and study platform on the transition from the dancing body to the image. This collection  constitutes the animated dance archives. Any dissemination outside this internet platform and the places of representation of this festival with cultural aim is not considered.