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Hangars Numeriques

Laboratory of interdisciplinary creations


Interactive scenic performance in 3D animated dance, electronic music and neural art.

Noetic distance questions the notion of live performance with a dance performance  “in mirror” between the two hemispheres: Reunion and France.

At a time when physical distances are now abolished by our digital tools - and when, paradoxically, social distancing is made more complicated in the physical world - our era is playing with distances, with technology exerting an unprecedented influence on our relationship to the other.


This project, co-produced by Hangars Numériques, is a poetic interpretation of this unprecedented relationship to the world via technology, with the communion of three universes: electronic music, visual arts and dance. A hybrid digital creation combined via the joint performance of artists Paul Herent with electronic music, Thomas Ballèvre and Nikita Goile with choreography and dance interpretation.

The technological tools used here are plural, with in particular the use of artificial intelligence in the various nested media: in the music, algorithms generate synthetic voices, or isolate acapellas from another century to blend in with compositions synthetics; visuals, through the generation of moving pictures resulting from the reverie of an artificial neural network, or even through the automatic detection of the dancer's body by a camera coupled with computer vision algorithms, thus allowing the genesis of a twin digital, being able to free itself from physical constraints, and thus allowing a scenography of a new kind: an interactive and connected videoscenography.

The Danses noétiques project was staged for the first time in June 2021 during the festivalScenoscopeat the MC 93 in Bobigny. The project presented here is a total rewrite of it, emphasizing the abolition of the distances allowed by technology, always based on this fusion of artistic disciplines.


Paul Herent, alias Noesis, based in Aubervilliers, is an emerging artist from the Parisian scene and takes an experimental approach to electronic music, in connection with digital arts and the use of artificial intelligence algorithms as a tool. visual and sound creation. He is co-founder in 2020 of the labelSyrinx music.

The instrumental approach is applied to electronic music by a "live machine", without established boundaries of style or compositional technique, in the service of a "secular spirituality" aimed at a more or less active form of meditation: sometimesbackground, electronica, generative, tribal, often mystical, willingly futuristic, with IDM influences,bass music, Breakbeat, or inspired by science fiction soundtracks.       In concert, Noesis was able to perform recently in October 2020 for theWhite nights in Paris. Beyond music, Noesis takes several hybrid forms via protean live performances: the concept of dancing with digital twins was  proposed in its first versions at theGogbot digital art festival 2019(Enschede (NL)) or on theQuai de Bourbon scene(Paris, December 2019). Live hybrid approaches between Opera and electronic music were also presented (Stream Threads International Festival, July 2020, Paris). The hybridization between visual and sound art could take the form of the use of algorithms ofartificial intelligence generating visualsfor a clip. Noesis also performs monthly on Threads Radio during his "noetic show", an international webmedia program promoting independent cultures.  



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Thomas Ballevreis a choreographer, dancer, and performer. He collaborates with many artists from various practices such as music, video and visual arts. Thomas breaks down the barriers between stage and audience; he blurs the boundaries between dance, performance and visual arts. His work is added to installations, in situ performances and videos, which contribute to a decompartmentalization of disciplines, converging towards new artistic paradigms.

In 2018, he launched the AUTOPILOT project, a reflection on dance stemming from natural and archaic reflexes. A destructuring of movement and gesture. Research on these trance states, in connection with music, technology, science and beliefs. 

In 2021, he joins the Danses Noétiques project to explore the concept of animated dance with his digital twin.

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Insta: ballevrethomas

Interview with Thomas Ballèvre on new forms of choreography with new technologies indance factory 

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Nikita Goile, originally from Réunion, is a dancer and choreographer.

Seeing absolutely everything as a source of inspiration, each project generates a new creative process, giving birth to a universe where the choreographic language is unique, specific to each work.

His main creative tool is improvisation. Nikita tends to saturate the mind and the body in order to escape restrictive habits and access the authenticity of the gesture and the qualities of the body. 

By bringing together these different qualities, often of completely opposite natures, she seeks a tension generated by these contradictions which multiplies the potentials.

The notion of control and its loss in order to access a state of transcendence are also at the heart of his research. 



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