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Natuhuma is the new creation in interactive dance by the Italian artist Alessandro Scaglione, created with the young dancers of the Lycée Coreutique Tito Livio in Milan. An animated dance, broadcast during Milano Digital Week 2021 from March 18 to 21, which invites us to an ever closer integration between Man and Nature.


By means of interactive visual art and that of dance, the author hybridizes his practice and questions the concept of reality, in constant transformation in our era of digital development under pandemic.

In his process, dance movements and the colors of nature intertwine, transforming the images and generating an immersive digital scenario. The interactive graphics combine the data of the movement and those of the color worn by each dancer. The result of this blend is a new digital reality where nature and humans are integrated.





Design: Alessandro Scaglione

Dancers: Liceo Coreutico Tito Livio of Milan - Italy 

Graphic and digital interactivity: Alessandro Mynus Scaglione
Original music: Alessandro Mynus Scaglione


Broadcast: Milano Digital Week 2021


MARCH 2021

Ancre 1
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