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Creation of 10 animated videodances in 2 dimensions, inspired by current dances in the Indian ocean.

Hangars Numériques produces an animated dance creation on the long court (2020 to 2025) inspired by current dances from the Indian ocean. In partnership with emerging dancers and choreographers from La Reunion, Mauritius and Madagascar, we are working on 10 animated dances from the Indian ocean.     Through 10 videodances in 2 dimensions, the animation puts itself here at the service of the choreographies.

This animated videographic production, with artistic, heritage and educational aims, presents a diversity of aesthetics danced in the Indian ocean.
Accessible from the youngest age, these videos will also make it possible to raise public awareness of current dances - contemporary and traditional.

The artistic direction of this ten-part production is entrusted to Marianne Louise Lebon. This construction is the fruit, upstream, of a research on the current dances of the Indian ocean zone engaged by the director since 2017.

The construction of the case is as follows:

Flying over ocean, a contemporary dance from Reunion / 2020

Bhava, a Mauritian sagam dance / 2021
Reunion moringue dance (and percussion) / 2022-2023

Seychelles moutia dance / 2023-24
baratta natyam dance (and indian tablas) / production 2023-2025
Sega Reunion dance (and Sega Reunion) / 2022-23
Rodrigaise dance / 2023-24
3 current dances from Madagascar (traditional and contemporary music) / 2024

2020 / 2025

Ancre 1
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